February 17, 2016

TUTORIAL : Mini Pouch

This reusable bag is eco-friendly, versatile, practical, and easy to make!
With minimal use of materials you can make a ton these for gifting.
These are great for carrying snacks, pet treats, chargers, earbuds, or elastics.

Feel free to use the tutorial below or download the template and the instruction for future reference.
Happy Sewing!

Here's what you will need:

6"x 13" main fabric
6" x 13" water resistant nylon or other fabric of choice
3" long Velcro (3/4" to 1" wide)

7" x 10" main fabric
7"x 10" water resistant nylon or other fabric of choice
4" long Velcro (3/4" to 1" wide)

Sewing Machine & thread
Pins, Paper Clips, Quilting clips, or binder clips to hold the fabric in place
Scotch Tape

Cut out the main fabric and the lining fabric to size. If you are using the water resistant nylon, the waxy side is the right side. Place the fabrics right sides together. Either using pins or clips, secure the three sides of the rectangle, leaving one short end open (if you are using pins, place them inside the seam allowance).

Sew around three sides (using a 1/2" seam allowance), leaving one short end open. Clip the corners.

Turn the pouch right side out. Fold the short edge in about 1/2" and topstitch to close the opening. Finger press around the perimeter of the pouch or iron, using the lowest setting (test the fabric first before ironing).

Cut a piece of velcro that's about 3" long (for square pouch). With the lining side facing up, place the "hook" side of the velcro to the top edge of the pouch about 1/2" in as shown (use the side without the topstitching). Tape the velcro in place. Sew through all layers. Peel off the tape.

Place the "loop"side of the velcro on the opposite short end of the pouch, about 1" in from the edge as shown. Secure the velcro with tape and sew through all layers. Peel off the tape.

Join the velcro and tape the sides together.  Carefully open the flap. Topstitch the two sides, securing the ends by back tacking.

There, you are all done! Enjoy!