July 13, 2017

DPN Holder - sewing pattern

Jess DPN Holder sewing pattern is finally out!  I wanted to learn how to use those plastic snaps that I see everywhere and what better way to try it out than to make a pattern that uses it!  But aside the buttons, I love my DPN holder. I didn't realize how useful this little holder was until I tried it. It's one of those things that once you try it, you wonder how you ever lived without it. Did I mention that it makes a great gift for knitters?  If you make the pocket a little deeper, you could use it to hold circular needles as well. Happy sewing! 


  1. I just bought the pattern and can't wait to try it! I do have a question though. What is the needle length range for each of the sizes? Thanks!

  2. Hi,
    The short one will fit needle sizes 5"-6" and the long one closes at two different lengths to work with short or long needles up to 8" long. :)