March 18, 2016

TUTORIAL : Reversible Knot Bag

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This simple reversible bag is an easy project for beginner and advanced sewers alike - a great weekend project! Template is available for purchase at the sidebar.  Check out my most recent blog for the Video Tutorial.

You will need:

One Fat Quarter of patterned  fabric, 18" x 22" (46cm x 56cm)
One Fat Quarter of solid fabric, 18" x 22" (46cm x 56cm)

Fabric scissors
Sewing machine
Coordinating machine sewing thread
Needle and thread for basting stitch (optional)

Download and print template. Fold each fabric in half, right sides facing. Trace template on each fabric, right sides facing, and cut out.

You now have two solid pieces and two pattern pieces.  Align and pin the two solid pieces together, right sides facing. Do the same with the two pattern pieces.

Right sides together, using 1/4 inch seam allowance, sew along the top of each handle and along the bottom curve of each pinned piece, leaving both sides of both handles open. Clip the curves.

Turn the solid piece right side out, and insert the solid piece into the inside-out patterned piece. Line up seams, raw edges, and handles. Pin the edges of the "neckline" of the bag.

Sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Clip the curves.

Going through the longer handle, turn the entire bag right side out (patterned fabric on the outside). Press all seams.

Fold raw edges of "armholes" in 1/4 inch and press. Pin or baste together. Topstitch 1/8 inch around bag handles to finish.

The Knot Bag is available in three sizes and the shoulder size bag comes with a inner pocket template. All the templates are full size so no need to enlarge.


  1. I found step 13 VERY difficult. Maybe it was the fabric I chose? I wonder if it is possible to sew the "armholes" instead; maybe the purse opening would be easier to fold and sew than the "armholes"?

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  3. Hi,
    You could sew the "armholes" and leave the "neckline" open. But I think this method may be even more difficult because of the curve.
    This is what I do. Finger press the exterior fabric first. Then align the seams of the exterior and the lining at the top of the handle. Fold the lining fabric just enough to align with the exterior fabric fold. Pin. Instead of trying to fold everywhere at once, fold a little bit and pin as you go.
    I hope this helps! :)

  4. I found it extremely difficult and I did as you did too. Each "armhole" was folded separate. It was a real pain... I think the larger opening is probably easier to fold and especially to sew. If I try another one, I will let you know.

  5. Can these bags be made for sale?

  6. I love this pattern and if you go slow and pin it comes out beautiful...

  7. Approx. 10" wide x 13.5" at the long handle / 25cm wide x 34cm at the long handle

    1. I am sorry for imposing on you, but the patter I downloaded is 12.5" at the long handle and a bit short of 9.5" wide... I wonder what I did wrong.

  8. Hi there,
    When did you purchase & download the pattern? The pattern was updated a few weeks ago and is now slightly bigger. Your size is the previous version. Was it purchased through Etsy or Craftsy? Send me your email to and I will send you the updated pattern. Thanks!

    1. Oh, boy, I am not sure... I just have the PDF and that is all I can recall, sorry.

  9. Wow..I must be dense...but I'm not sure how. I bought this pattern because it looked really clear, but when I looked at step 9, I see it as sewing all 4 pieces of fabric together. I did that, and now can't get it properly reversed. Am I supposed to only be sewing the top two layers? If so, how do I get the bottom out of the way? Or, is there anything I can do now to make this work (seam rip something and then sew it back up?)


  10. Hello Jen,

    If you see the Step 8, the solid piece is pinned to the patterned piece (2 layers) and the pieces are sewn as pinned, 2 layers, not 4. The Step 9 shows the stitching line of the front side. Start from the long handle, go along the neckline back up to the short handle and continue to the other side which should be the top of the short should be one continuous stitching. You come back where you started...
    I would sew the bottom two layers and go around...easier to move the top piece out of the way.
    I hope this makes sense... :)
    If you are still having trouble, email me at and I will take some more pictures and send them to you.


  11. The template is available for purchase. On the side bar, you will see the pattern link.

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  13. Can you make this bag with only two pieces of fabric?